My Services  

Training Programmes & Workshops 

  • Design and Delivery of Live, Live Online, Blended and Hybrid Learning Formats (in English or German)

    • 21st century skills with a focus on communication skills, critical thinking skills, creativity & imagination, collaborative skills, empathy, team skills, wellbeing

    • English as a second language: effective communication behaviour, pitching, presentation skills


Facilitation & Co-Creation 

  • Launch and Facilitation of Communities of Practice

    • Design and facilitation of participatory co-creation processes

    • Strategic guidance of collaborative learning project

Research & Development  

  • Qualitative Research, Applied Research & Project Implementation


Professional Translations & Editing, Writing & Writing Skills  

  • Journalist and professional translation science background

    • Customised content for magazines, booklets, brochures, presentations, webites

    • Professional translations (German, English, Dutch)

    • Writing skills training with the 4C-method and Basecamp4Success


Poetry in Business & Lab 21  

  • Ideation and business transformation workshops in cooperation with impulse givers and artists

  • TalkShop/2CG® - Language as a creative gift
  • fully modular and customisable workshop formats
  • Visit the Poetry in Business​ website