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Presention Skills for Leaders

A group of future leaders of diverse cultural background and from different organizations needed to improve their presentation skills in their second language -  English. We were assigned to train them to present technical and economic topics to customers and project partners. 

Presention Skills for Leaders

  • Client Challenge
    Two groups of 14 future leaders who had a full time job and were enroled in a part-time study program had to present technical topics in their second language. They needed to brush up their language skills and build communicative confidence.

    Our Solution
    The future leaders were asked to prepare 10 minute presentations of technical topics of their choice. To emphasize the communicative aspect of presenting, they were not allowed to use classical power point presentation formats. Participants received customized feedback on their body language, tone of voice and word choice from their peers and from the trainer by means of a specifically designed feedback format, including video analysis.

    Benefits for Learners
    In addition to relevant information on what makes a good presentation, participants received valuable and tailored feedback as well as a detailed video analysis of their presentation skills. They said the learning process was exciting and dynamic; they invested a fair amount of time to prepare their presentations properly, gave it, and learned which aspects they needed to improve. They felt a lot more self-aware and also more confident after this intense presentation skills workshop. Most importantly, they could immediately apply the new knowledge in real life.

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