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2CG stands for context- and context-specific generic competency coaching. The approach makes use of artistic impulses from the arts – poetry, puppetry, theatre, dance, music, painting and drawing – to help leaders and their teams, lecturers, teachers, students, and any interested individuals to build and practice their 21st century skills.

21st century skills, also called future skills, include

  • critical and connected thinking

  • creativity and imagination

  • communication skills

  • empathy

  • digital literacy

  • media literacy

  • collaborative team skills


The specifically developed 2CG® multi-method approach supports learners across hierarchies, disciplines and (organisational) cultures to cultivate their human capabilities, which are the driving force behind real innovation.


We have been applying and continually advancing the 2CG didactics in multiple settings in the public sector, in higher education, in the corporate sector, and in secondary and vocational schools. To find out more, please go to PROJECTS and to our  SHOP..

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