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2CG® is a multi-method approach that fosters future skills development in people and organisations. The tech-enabled approach is anchored in social collaborative learning in communities of practice. It makes use of inspirational input from the arts to inspire and empower people to effect change in real life. 2CG® targets leaders and their teams, educators, students, and individuals who want to build 21st century skills and accelerate (cross-cultural) transformation processes.

21st century skills, also called future skills, include

  • critical and connected thinking

  • creativity and imagination

  • communication skills

  • empathy

  • digital literacy

  • media literacy

  • collaborative team skills

The 2CG® multi-method approach supports learners across hierarchies, disciplines, and (organisational) cultures in cultivating their human capabilities, which are the driving force behind real innovation and change.

Our approach often comprises the following steps:


  • Mapping the current situation and visualising the future;

  • Finding out how to best steer and influenc the decision-making process in close collaboration with programme managers or responsible internal experts;

  • Defining progress and transparent ways to provide insight into the progress of the actions taken.

We have been applying and continually advancing the 2CG® didactics in multiple settings in the public and corporate sector, in higher education, and in vocational schools since 2006. To find out more, please go to PROJECTS and to PUBLICATIONS.

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