My Mission 

"My purpose and my passion is to create and facilitate learning environments where leaders, teams and individuals who want to effect change in the real world can find the inspiration and impulses they need to share relevant knowledge, explore new ways of thinking and doing, generate fresh ideas and accelerate transformation processes. My approach is experiential, cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, art-inspired, aesthetic, sensual, sensitive, as well as pragmatic and practice-driven." 

Dr. Christina Merl, Founder

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Dr. Christina Merl is an educational consultant with a background in social collaborative learning, translation science and journalism. She combines research and practice and has developed the award-winning 2CG® method, a timely teaching and facilitation approach that drives future skills development, peer exchange in communities of practice (CoP), and business transformation processes. Christina works with people in the public and private sector as well as in academia. She is a reviewer for IELA and iJAC. and member of the executive committee of the Learning Ideas Conference, NYC.

"We are global and technology-driven; yet the future of work and education is interactive, human and hybrid. As a sparring partner, I support leaders, visionaries and people who care in rethinking their approach to learning, working, and (well-)being. With a cross-disciplinary, multi-cultural team of experts and artists, I help my customers leverage the power of imagination and provide for effective and experiential learning designs. It's all about putting human qualities at the heart of business; tech supports us."

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