"My purpose and my passion is to create experiential learning environments where leaders, teams and individuals can find the inspiration they need to explore new ways of thinking and doing. I support them in generating fresh ideas and accelerating transformation processes. My approach is cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, art-inspired, aesthetic, sensual, sensitive as well as pragmatic and practice-driven." 

Dr. Christina Merl, Founder

Christina Merl is an educational consultant, university lecturer and writer with a background in social collaborative learning, translation science and journalism. She combines research and practice and has developed the award-winning 2CG® method. 2CG® stands for content- and context-specific generic competency coaching and drives future skills development, peer exchange in communities of practice, and business transformation processes. 

Christina's doctoral thesis was published as a book; her papers and articles have been published in peer-reviewed, national and international journals and magazines. She works with people in the public and private sector as well as in academia. Christina is a reviewer for IELA and iJAC and member of the executive committee of the Learning Ideas Conference, NYC.

"We are global and technology-driven; yet the future of work and education is interactive, human and hybrid. As a sparring partner, I support leaders, visionaries and people in rethinking their approach to learning, working, and (well-)being. As President of Poetry in Business, I help people and organisations leverage the power of imagination. After all, it's all about putting human qualities at the heart of business; tech can support us."