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21 Skills Workshops

Our 21 Skills Workshops for students, apprentices and secondary school kids provide an excellent opportunity to practice futurs skills and become aware of the importance of building these skills. With the 2CG® multi-method approach we enable and empower learners to explore new pathways of thinking and doing. Usually, we collaborate with artists and experts to make the experience extra worthwhile and effective.


Future skills include

  • critical thinking skills
  • communication skills
  • language skills
  • collaborative team skills
  • empathy
  • connected thinking skills
  • imagination and creativity
  • digital 21st century skills
  • media literacy


Target Group: With these workshops, we target universities, schools but also organisations in the private and public sector who want to provide effective training and development programmes to their apprentices. 


For further information, please contact: Dr. Christina Merl

21 Skills Workshops

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