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Human Capability Cultivation

Developing future skills and gaining new insights with the 2CG® approach. Stories from the field.

"No gender is superior. I want to live in a healthy society where equal rights and equal opportunities rule", Adrian describes his ideal future of gender. He and his study mates take their Future Skills course semester assignment very seriously: creating a podcast episode on the future of gender.

The 20-24 year old students, all of them non-native speakers of English, are about to complete their third semester. They are enrolled in a study programme that combines a technical apprenticeship with a bachelor's degree in engineering.

In their podcast episodes, they come up with a broad variety of gender-specific topics, from data bias and the gender-equality paradox to the STEM gender gap and cross-cultural gender-specific differences between Austria and Ecuador. The students obviously enjoy exploring the topic and have gained unexpected new insights by putting themselves into the shoes of university professors, researchers, CEOs and LGBT people. What is more, they surprise themselves and each other with unknown acting and radio performance qualities.

Poetry means practice - and we need to practice and train our human capabilities. What a refreshing, inspiring and insightful end-of-term presentation weekend!


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