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An Unexpected Journey

Can we take ethical and democratic practice in our neighbourhood for granted? Can we trust that people, institutions, and organisations in our district will stick to democratic and ethical values? Do we even pay attention?

Our main goal last week was to raise awareness among 17 year old workshop participants. We asked them to spot democratic and ethical practices in the surroundings of their school, a well-known higher technical college in Vienna. "We were given a task that would take us on an unexpected journey through the streets of our city", one team writes in their report." Identifying and making democratic and ethical practices tangible is not what they usually do at school. "I never look for signs of democracy", one participant admitted. The workshop experience had opened his eyes. "If you take a closer look, you will see that citizens are faced with a number of challenges in daily life, ranging from how products are placed in supermarkets and access to information if you don't speak German, to the infrastructure for environmentally friendly mobility." Altogether, 4 teams of 4 students identified the following issues: language and access to information; presentation of consumer goods in supermarkets; e-mobility; and overall environment-friendly behaviour.

Paying attention is one thing, digging deeper and trying to understand how democratic practice is or should be translated to daily life and wellbeing, is another. "We need more "ethics & democracy" topics in our future curricula", the head of department postulates. #democracy #ethics #curriculum #future #practice #2cg #poetryinbusiness #sociallearning #collaboration

Dieses Projekt wurde gefördert vom Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung.


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