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Word Art & Wellbeing

Hot and sizzling: Artist and speech acrobat Michael Endlicher joins Poetry in Business workshop on wellbeing.

"We need to change our language and our wording", workshop participants concluded in their last specialised wellbeing@work session before the summer. They agreed that corporate language and internal as well as external communication behaviour affected their motivation, wellbeing and productivity to a considerable extent.

The Austrian artist Michael Endlicher, who is internationally known for his 'signs + letters', will provide an inspirational impulse aimed at triggering the imagination of Lab 21 participants. Together, we'll be exploring factors that influence our wellbeing and productivity at work, such as wording, language, and biases, and see what concrete images will arise that pave the way towards a new approach.

Check out Michael's current show at Kunstraum Nestroyhof in Vienna. Join Lab 21!


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