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The Future is promising - if we want that

What my learners, who are aged between 17 and 75, have diverse cultural backgrounds, reside in different countries, and work across industries, taught me in the past few months is that the future of facilitating, leading, and teaching is non-linear.

Saying that, I am aware of the current obsession with metrics & KPI, linearity, and clarity. A non-linear approach may get across as slightly chaotic or even confusing. Also, it is not really scaleable.

#2024 and #beyond can mark a turning point, though. Once you make your people, your team, or your students realise that the freedom that is inherent in a non-linear "culture" provides them with so many more possibilities and opportunities to grow, they will feel motivated to contribute to the success of your project, product, service, or class. Cultivating non-linear leadership takes courage and asks for a skill-set that is not currently enough trained and developed. However, it also implies ongoing commitment - by all (team) members - to making progress and igniting meaningful change. And that's what we'd want, no?


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