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The Era of Wellbeing

An Experiential Journey

In 2020, many of us have learned that taking care of our self may include adopting a mindful practice. Clearly, in the years to come, we’ll need to find out what is good for our body and mind, and how we can integrate physical and mental wellbeing practices in our daily routines. The growth and satisfaction of individuals, families, teams, organisations and societies will depend on how well we manage to develop the practice of individual and collective wellbeing.

Exploring the Practice of Individual and Collective Wellbeing

In December 2020, an international group of professional women and modern men joined the Poetry in Business Advent Calendar to go on a semi-virtual creativity and wellbeing retreat. During 24 days, members of the Advent Calendar community celebrated their analog being with the help of smart technologies. Customised daily impulses provided a high degree of individual autonomy while at the same time aimed at gathering the collective intelligence of the group. Practically speaking, members were encouraged to activate and balance their energy flow through carefully selected Qigong exercises. Ideally, they did the activities outdoors, in the fresh air. In addition, creative mini assignments inspired them to get in touch with their intuition and to articulate their thoughts. The result of this highly experiential journey is a beautiful compilation of relevant and timely questions that will be further explored.

Poetry in Business/2CG® provides artistic and creative impulses that help individuals and teams to further develop and improve their shared practice. This highly intuitive but streamlined process allows members to effect change in the real world.

Image: John Everett Millais, Mariana, Detail, 1850/51 (Tate Britain, London)


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