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Telling Stories with Data

I regularly give myself a full hour to reflect on the learning experiences and projects I create: what works well, what needs to be improved or adapted; where is my focus and what eats away my energy. The past few months were packed and have given me quite some revelatory insights.

Humanise your data, engage your audience

What definitely gives me hope and energy is the data storytelling workshop series for engineers that I have been running under the label of "green transition" for a while now. It is beautiful to see how participants are ready to experiment, try out new storytelling techniques, and make data more tangible by humanising it. These learners are very ready to leave their current professional frames and explore new pathways!

Reflecting on the stories data tells us

What I also see, however, are the constraints of the real-world settings these learners find themselves in. A world that (still) praises the practise of text-overload, poor visuals, robot-reading, lack of story elements, design and passion. I can only encourage these engineers to not imitate what they see in the "real-world". Empower them to apply their newly acquired future skills. And not just when it comes to presenting their stories. Actually, it's time we plucked up enough courage to critically reflect on the story big data tells us ...

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