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Somewhat "New Way"

10 key insights on what I've learnt about learning this past year.

Museums are currently open in Vienna. What an excellent opportunity to organise a small field trip to an inspiring location! TalkShop members do have quite a history of field trips, from visiting company sites and doing backstage theatre tours to expert-guided city strolls and poetry readings in museums.

This field trip was different from the previous ones, though. It was somewhat “new way”. A small group of 7 people embarked on a “hybrid adventure” with participants located in three different cities on two continents. Had you asked me a year ago, I wouldn’t have expected this development. Now I can say that it was exciting, inspiring, and fulfilling for various reasons which illustrate what I have learned about learning this past year.

Here are my 10 key insights:

  1. The social aspect of learning is crucial, whether the learning takes place face to face or online. We must never forget this.

  2. Open-mindedness, courage, curiosity and humility are key success factors across disciplines, cultures and hierarchical levels.

  3. Our human skills – creativity, intuition, curiosity, and imagination – are our biggest assets. We need to use and train them a lot more.

  4. Technology will always only support us. That’s why we need to focus on our human skills.

  5. Scale and speed are not (necessarily) key success factors anymore. We should take our time, breathe and digest.

  6. A transformation of our organisational structures and way of thinking is overdue.

  7. Leaders are learners, too. Authoritarian behaviours are mostly unhelpful.

  8. We always need to introduce a practice. Context is everything.

  9. Noisy egos should not have the floor for too long as they hamper collective and individual learning processes.

  10. Humble behaviours are our key values.


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