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Poetry & Qigong in April

People ask me about Poetry & Qigong. What is it? How is it different from other qigong schools? Why should we make time for it? How do we benefit?

I have been thinking. At the moment, everyone seems overloaded - with work and career, unrealistic targets, a lack of resources and time, constant competition, negative narratives, city noise and tech, family commitments, friends, holiday opportunities, high beauty standards and a desperate need to recharge our batteries.

Poetry & Qigong has emerged naturally from a desire to connect body, mind and spirit across cultures, disciplines and hierarchies. It is about culture and bringing people together. It is about creating a safe space where we can just be and think and talk. It is about introspection. It is about mutual respect, difference and diversity as a resource. It is about meaningful conversations. And it is about taking care - of ourselves, our environment, our friends. Poetry & Qigong is about the art of being human.

Our workshops are tailor-made and personalised. We bring over 20 years of experience in our field. We dive deep and we share openly. We discover always new things and facets of ourselves. We explore relevant topics together. We mix soft qigong with rhythmic tai chi; we observe and sense and discuss. We do that in beautiful and aesthetic places. Poetry & Qigong is fun. It is authentic and real. It is worth our while. Contact:


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