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Otium and Solitude

You'd like to make the most of your time? How about exploring the art of being human?

Which skills would you like to develop and train, I asked my adult learners. "Non-work-related skills", they answered. "Like singing, foreign languages, history, playing the piano, drawing and dancing, playing basketball. Anything that helps us connect with our creative power, feel refreshed, have new insights, change perspective, listen actively, connect with the self - and with others. But we do not have the time nor the space to develop and practice such skills", they added. Our days are filled with administrative tasks that, in combination with the requirement for permanent optimisation and information overload, make us feel dull, exhausted.

Good news! Poetry in Business is providing the space for developing future skills and cultivating human capabilities - the art of being well and leading a life with purpose. In a magical place, rich in history and culture, away from all the noise, we're going to slow down and reflect; enjoy nature and stillness; use our imagination; connect with qi; and get into flow.

We invite open-minded women and modern men from all over the place to join the first Poetry & Qigong Retreat and explore the art of being human with us!

When: 20-22 May 2022

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