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Lab 21: Cultivating (Human) Capabilities

In Lab 21, you can cultivate your (human) capabilities and harness your creative power while improving your practice.

"Where do you see yourself in 5 years' time"?, a friend asked me 15 years ago. We were having coffee in Café Américain, the oldest grand café in Amsterdam. I remember how awkward his question made me feel. I was in the midst of exploratory travels, post-graduate research and colourful encounters - so how should I know?

Shortly afterwards, I initiated TalkShop /2CG®, a visionary peer exchange learning approach that I have been applying and developing further with experts, artists and customers ever since. 2CG® aims at developing 21st century skills and unlocking the creative potential of individuals and organisations with a focus on their practice. Through customised content and artistic impulses we pay.attention to people and their human qualities, their professional practice, communicative behaviour, visionary thinking, mindset and empathy.

Staying Relevant

The question I want leaders, teams and organisations to ask themselves today is: "What capabilities do we need to cultivate in order to stay relevant?" In our fast-changing world, competitive market advantage lasts for one year or less. We cannot rely on traditional strategic planning and concepts anymore. And so I am convinced, now more than15 years ago, that we can best deal with the complexity of a globalised world and economy if we are able to communicate and collaborate across cultures, disciplines and hierarchies; if we are able to come up with good questions; if we are willing to explore new ways of thinking and doing; if we can adapt fast to new circumstances and continually improve our practice.

If you are not exactly sure where you will be in 5 years' time but are ready to explore new pathways of thinking and doing, tap the full creative potential of your team and try out new methods, contact me - so that we can find out how you can benefit from the 2CG® approach:


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