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Imago Mundi

What is our idea of the world? This is what we are going to find out in this year's Advent Calendar journey - the special Poetry in Business Advent Calendar format. Join us!

Magical, imaginative, thoughtful - a mosaic of stories, passions and dreams. This is what comes to my mind when I think of the Poetry in Business Advent Calendar. We offered the interactive Advent experience for the first time five years ago, as an app. Subscribers received a little poetic surprise - a question, a quote, a poem, etc. - every day and could interact with each other anonymously through me.

Every year, an artist joins us on this journey. This year, sketch artist Klaus Kramer is going to visualise our ideas again. What may sound a little unusual or abstract is a beautiful art-inspired (team) experience in the form of an Advent Calendar. It is tailor-made for people who love to reflect, use their imagination, think creatively, share their thoughts, change perspective and get inspiration from the arts.

If you want to see the sketches, texts and poems of last year's Advent Calendar, do come to Dellerdesign Art Studio (Rainergasse 14, 1040 Vienna) on 7 November! Questions? Want to join?

Exhibition: free entrance

Advent Calendar 2023: early bird 90,00 euros - book before 10 November; afterwards 108,00 euros

Questions? Feel free to contact Christina Merl at


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