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Generation ChatGPT

You may have heard or read about ChatGPT and its ability to produce (almost) flawless essays, to write poetry, and to talk to us in a natural way. Who will benefit from "Generation ChatGPT"?

Students may feel confident when it comes to writing their bachelor or master theses. Lecturers and supervisors may have to spend less time on coherence, clarity, and citation rules. Organisations may save time and money. Everyone may have fun, work less and be able to focus on the “truly important things" in life. And so, what are the truly important things that will bring us further? Innovating products and tech to save our planet? Reading poetry created by AI (to find inspiration for writing our own poetry)? Gaining new insights from essays produced by AI? Looking at art created by AI? Learning how to talk with AI in a natural way? Enjoying our free time? Spending more time with family and friends? Taking better care of ourselves? Monitoring recorded video-conferences? Strategies? Reviewing measurements done by AI? Ensuring diversity? Improving our team spirit? Trying out VR? Staying relevant?


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