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First Poetry & Qigong Retreat

May 2022. 8 wonderful people - women and men from different cultures, countries and industries - gathered for our first Poetry & Qigong Retreat at Gurk Abbey end May. We got inspired by the landscape, the architecture and history of the place, as well as by beautiful poetry. We enjoyed practising qigong in the garden, sharing our thoughts, reflecting together. I am deeply grateful that our first Retreat was such an enriching, inspiring and insightful experience for all of us. See participants' voices below.

Read here what participants thought about our First Retreat:

Hello Christina and all of you!

The menu of the weekend by the chefs Christina and Hermine was nutritious,

and we all together made it delicious:

the spirit of the group

created a magnificent soup,

the white, bright Qi

added loads of energy

and spicy herbs of poetry - we wrote some.

Altogether it was really wholesome.

This weekend was so kind,

it will stay for long in my mind.

The „Poetry & Qigong Retreat“ was a wonderful and very special experience! I learnt how to better relax and I was inspired by the thoughts we shared. Cheers, Ulrike

Dear Christina and Hermine!

Many, many thanks that I could attend this retreat. It opened up new horizons - or rather, new feelings - about myself. I was able to leave some of my worries behind and find inner peace and inspiration. My thinking and wishes for the future have reached a new dimension. What is more, being in this magical, mystical place revived my desire to write and also to find out more about Holy Hemma. Hugs, Wolfgang

I want to start writing again. Somehow, I am still amazed at the thoughts and lines I came up with in Gurk. I think this was possible thanks to the special ambiance, the energetic flow inside of me, and of course the people I could share my writing with!

Thank you all, dear lovely people, for this special deep lovely funny cosy adventure! Love, Julia

Sending you a warm embrace!💚 I enjoyed the beautiful and inspiring time with you all!🙏💓thanks so much for the pictures! More will follow! I wish you all a good and powerful start in this new week! Big hug, Sabine


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