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Finding Energy in Stillness

4-6 October 2024 - A Special Retreat for Body & Mind. Many of us long for digital detox and inner strength in today's fast, tech-saturated world. In our 2nd Retreat ("Qigong und Literatur im Stift" from 4-6 Oct.), we will practice stillness and (re-)activate our creative energies. We will learn to focus on and steer our "human (creative) power" in a direction that feels good for us.

Our method is based on the science-backed 2CG® didactic approach and combines physical relaxation with mind calming exercises and inspirational input from the arts. We have decided to host our second retreat at Stift Gurk again, as we enjoy the aesthetics of the monastery, the valley's beautiful nature, and the Ayurveda philosophy and treatments offered at the hotel.

Find more information at and book our early bird rate by 20th July!


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