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Disadvantaged + Diverse

This workshop has made me see and become more aware of the different realities - or parallel universes - many young people live in. TikTok, Instagram and Youtube is one reality they experience on a daily basis. It stands for an endless stream of fast-paced, short videos where hip hop musicians, athletes and influencers tell them what is good for them. Family life is another reality or parallell universe they cannot escape: culture, religion and language play a key role in their upbringing and they hardly dare to question the traditional values that are passed on within their family bubbles. And then there is school, society and soon the job market - a ruthless world or parallel universe that permanently assesses and measures them and where success is defined by its own rules.

The goal of this workshop experience was to encourage a group of young people from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds to think critically, share their thoughts, and print their individual message on a t-shirt. It was a rich experience for everyone involved. It was the first time they were in a museum; and it was the first time they were asked to use TikTok in a critical and creative way. And while we cannot measure the exact (financial) success of this workshop experience, we can see happy faces; we can see a group of young people who have achieved a challenging goal together.

(in cooperation with Fachmittelschule 1150 Wien, Benedikt-Schellinger-Gasse 1-3, SchülerInnen der F2; a big thanks to the open-minded and supportive teachers Kathrin Leutgeb & Franz Lagger)

This project was sponsored by


  • Poetry in Business on Instagram
  • CMerl
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