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Beyond "Black & White"

We kicked off the New Year with a 2CG® (content and context method) pilot series around a number of sustainability topics, including fast fashion, social media bubbles and cross-cultural communication issues. The session was highly experiential - exciting and demanding for all of us. Participants - engineers aged between 23 and 30 - were incredibly focused and came up with important insights.

It has made me really happy to observe - and to hear from them - that they enjoyed the opportunity to go beyond the "typical black and white approach of engineers" (quote). They appreciated the "space and room for interpretation" (quote) they were given. And they were surprised at the "diversity of thoughts and ideas" (quote) they produced in short time.

The 2CG® multi-method approach helps learners gain new insights while developing courage, curiosity, confidence and communication competency, among other future skills. If you want to try out this radically new way of thinking and doing with your team or your students, please get in touch with me. I constantly look for new opportunities to apply and further develop the method.

In yesterday's session I used a sketch and poem by Klaus Kramer (@klaustiksketch, 2022) that will also be on display in our upcoming exhibition in Vienna. More information is coming soon.


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