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Are You Human?

Motivated and communicative, fair and enduring, empathetic, helpful and flexible. This is what successful future human-humanoid teams should look like, according to Gen Z.

No, we can't prove that this result accurately represents the views and opinions of 15 and 16 year olds in Central Europe. Rather, it is the output of a Poetry in Business workshop with Austrian media technology students. We challenged workshop participants with a series of cognitive tasks and asked them to visualise their ideas through art. Arno Popotnig's art installation served as an inspiration. #21centuryskills #poetryinbusiness #socialemotionallearning #art #2cg

Courtesy: Regine Stangl, Christina Merl

A great thank you to the leader of HTL Villach, for the open-mindedness and interest in art, aesthetics and social-emotional learning. This project was sponsored by


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