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Innovation-Driven, Poetic at Heart

A key scarcity that especially leaders and professional creatives seek to exploit these days is access to themselves. Many of them find that the pressure of time and the complexity that comes as a by-product of digitalisation is steering us away from formerly developed productive thinking habits.

Poetry in Business applies 2CG® communication activities - creativity and critical thinking techniques - that aim to connect users with their creativity. Specifically designed blended learning formats help participants re-connect with their intuition and train their imaginative power and critical thinking abilities.

24-day creativity challenge

A group of 13 geographically dispersed cross-disciplinary leaders, managing directors, and creative professionals recently participated in the Advent Calendar Conversations, an annual 24-day digital creativity challenge that invites participants to deal with a topic of shared interest by exploring new avenues of thinking. Participants receive tailor-made inputs and mini assignments that trigger their imagination and help them tap their full creative potential. Participants' thoughts and ideas are shared digitally, collected, curated and visualised by a group facilitator.

Motivational and inspiring

Exploring their 'inner dreamscapes' as well as getting access to the - sometimes completely different and sometimes surprisingly similar - perspectives of others reminds participants of their own productive thinking habits; at the same time it allows them to discover new personality facets and characteristics they had not known before. Participants say it is enriching, revealing and inspiring to join such an intense group exchange experience.

Poetry in Business/2CG® learning activities aim at making us aware that the most obvious and probably the most reliable approach may not necessarily be the best when it comes to solving complex problems.

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