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Poetry in Business™: Advent Calendar Conversations

Does it radiate warmth, is it pleasant and open, or does cool functionality rule? An international group of digital travelers will define the values, aesthetics and ambiance of their connected future space of being.

This year’s Poetry in Business™ Advent Calendar conversations will be a fascinating and experiential journey across disciplines, geographical realities, and human values. As we travel, our thoughts will cross a number of bridges and build the transitions between the real and the digital, naturally defining our connected future space.

Coming into being

Advent means “coming into being”. During 24 days, our travel conversations will deal with the constant movement, flow and renewal of being and place, blurring the boundaries between the digital and the real. An artist will travel with us and visualise our flow of thoughts. Her work of art will represent the multi-layered collective impressions and perceptions of travelers as seen through her creative lens. She will be re-using materials that have a connection to "place and being" in different contexts.

Who is traveling?

Travel companions come from Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Iran, the US, and Canada. They are currently working as leaders and managing directors in the public and private sector, as researchers, creative professionals, and engineers. The artist who travels with us was born in the Philippines, raised in the US, and educated in Africa.

Our journey begins on 1 December. Come and join us!

Info and registration:

  • Poetry in Business on Instagram
  • CMerl
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