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Be more human than ever ...

... learn how to be human from non-humans and feed back humanity into machines.

A simple face-lift won't do here, this endeavour needs really good design - design we can have trust in. As a matter of fact, technology and globalisation have drastically transformed the industrial and social sectors in the past decades. The medium- and long-term impact on our life & learning will be enormous and pose major challenges to societies, organisations, leaders, educators, people.

"In this era we must be more "human" than ever - in anything we do", says the education minister of an advanced Asian economy, pointing to the fact that AI is not good at jobs that require human qualities such as creativity, empathy, critical thinking, leadership or artistic expression.

Technocratic jobs keep us busy

At the moment, many of us are so busy streamlining, improving, measuring and documenting daily business operations that we lack the time to really understand and explore what it means to be "human" and "creative" in a specific context. Terms like "innovation", "agile", even "poetry", have become overused in our fast-paced world, just like so many other buzzwords.

What successful 21st century organisations need to do NOW is arouse a lost sense of curiosity, passion and adventure in their employees. They need to provide them with a safe space where they can share and exchange their ideas, thoughts, fears and dreams, thereby discovering new ways of thinking and doing. What is more, they need to learn to operate within different cultures while at the same time appreciate and nourish their own culture. A simple face-lift won't do here, this endeavour needs good and sustainable design.

What we need to strive for is the "skills" to really understand how we can apply domain-specific knowledge adequately, effectively and sustainably. It's not useful to compete with machines. We'd rather learn to act like and treat each other as human-beings and leave the predominantly technocratic approach behind.

But what can we learn from non-humans about being human? Join our Poetry in Business/2CG® sessions, book our artists, do pilot projects with us and find out. Dive deep and come out wiser, better, more creative, more effective, more human - fit for the future!

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