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It's all about scale and scope. And creativity.

Hard facts and rational analysis are important for organisational development. Truly successful 21st century organisations, however, must learn to unlock their full creative power, which may often sit dormant.

In change management, everyone talks about complexity, volatility and the necessary paradigm shift. In reality, hard facts and rational analysis still dominate the field, though. In an increasingly digital, AI-dominated economy (and society) the future success of organisations will depend on motivated employees who are ready to upgrade their skills constantly; able to define and critically analyse situations in their (work) environment that need to be changed; and - last but not least - willing to contribute to the growth of their organisation through innovative ideas and ground-breaking practical solutions.

Tap into future possibilities

This is why big and small organisations must learn to unlock the full (creative) potential of their employees, which may have remained dormant for a long time. What we see in our work is that many organisations are so busy improving and streamlining their daily operations that they miss the chance for their employees to discover new ways of thinking and doing.

This is where 2CG® comes in

Our content- and context-specific training methodology has been continually developed over the past 15 years, and more recently we have started to integrate artistic impulses from literature, poetry, music, theatre and the visual arts to connect employees with their creative power and inspire them to generate fresh ideas and solutions. If a large quantity of ideas are produced, some inevitably will prove very useful for developing action plans and concrete steps aimed at bringing about the desired change.

How can we scale creativity?

2CG® is based on the concept of communities of practice (CoP) and provides employees across hierarchies and disciplines with a safe space for sharing and creating as well as for learning from each other. What is more, 2CG® considers the need to effectively scale and transfer relevant knowledge, business strategies and work processes that have proven successful. To do so, we work with specific storytelling techniques, including future story, and an agile approach that allows organisations to break down solutions that have proven successful in one location into concrete reproducible elements and test cases so that they can be applied and adjusted on a bigger scale.

Our target group are modern-day pioneers: visionary leaders and their teams, organisational development experts, L&D, HR, project leaders and motivated people.

For more information, contact Christina Merl.

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