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Practice Makes Perfect!

Developing 21 century skills takes time and practice. Flying High 21 by TalkShop/2CG® will help you boost your language skills in a fresh and fun way !

I love working with people who strive for excellence - from leaders, practitioners, experts and artists to students. They all have one thing in common: they were not born as CEOs, innovators, high-ranking politicians, philosophers or persuasive communicators. "It's 80 percent hard work", a leader once revealed his secret to success.

One of my customers, a German leader who recently accepted a job challenge where he needs to give speeches and presentations all over the world, welcome international delegations as well as actively participate in cross-cultural meetings - in English -, inspired me to come up with a customised holiday programme. This competitive English challenge is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve greater fluency in English but has an extremely tight agenda and literally no time for any extras.

Flying High 21 by TalkShop/2CG®

After last year's successful Advent Calendar app I am offering a mobile English summer challenge to learners who want to improve their English language skills and develop greater fluency in a compact, fresh and fun way.

Flying High 21 by TalkShop/2CG® (content and context method) is offered during the summer and can be accomplished any time, any place. You'll invest 3 x 5 minutes per week (makes 1 hour per month). What you'll get is permanent practice, greater fluency and real life examples. Flying High 21 themes are leadership, inspiration, change and innovation in business.

If you want to join the club and take the challenge, please contact

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