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Trendsetting: meaningful conversations

A study confirms what we suspected: Substantive discussions make us happier than trivial small talk.

Always on the look-out for new and inspiring trends, I spend as much time as possible in museums and art spaces, bookstores, cafés and other interesting places. What's more, I talk to all kinds of people across cultures and hierarchies.

While writing this down, I realise that my desire to try out new things and integrate progressive ideas into my portfolio adds to the USP of, a hub for language learners who seek to connect with like-minded people and have good conversations to improve their English skills. In our meet-ups, we always automatically end up in meaningful conversations. For example, if someone tells they went rowing on the weekend, we explore how rowing can strengthen your willpower and help you cope with stress. If someone travels to Hay on Wye, we can't wait to get an update on the most interesting contributions of this year's festival, only to engage in deep conversation.

Now I know why people always feel so much more energised and happier after our meetings: A study has revealed that substantive discussions make us a lot happier than trivial small talk. The research has also confirmed what most people know but don't practice: surface level small talk does not build relationships.

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