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Come, journey with us!

At MyTalkShop.Club it’s all about communication.

We think that communication is a fabulous puzzle of multiple styles, different cultures, and diverse backgrounds. And we invite our club members and workshop participants to bring together the pieces of the puzzle, explore unknown territory, find fresh stimuli, and take on new perspectives - all with the purpose of improving our communication skills.

During our adventurous and sentimental journeys we focus on compassionate communication as it allows us to connect with ourselves and with others. Imagine how differently Mae from South Africa, Elisabeth from Germany, and Valerin from Bosnia might look at things and what we can learn from our co-travelers in always new environments.

The insights we gain are dynamic, rich, and unexpected. Together, we produce an extraordinary “travelogue”: drama piles upon drama, anecdote, flirtation, and poetry. The results are profound: we broaden our horizons; refill our tanks; find new friends; and get new ideas for life and work.

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