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Adapt the Thinking, Adopt the Mindset

I am inspired by the artist Marijah Bac Cam, who says she tries to infuse all her daily acts – even peeling a vegetable - with enthusiasm and creativity. She says she has inherited this mindset from her father, who vigorously encouraged her creative side.

I wonder if this attitude is reserved for artists and creative people or if anyone could adopt this positive frame of mind. Couldn’t we all just stay hungry, be genuine and generous with our ideas? Share openly what we know and trust that others will give us credit for doing so? Couldn’t we just focus on our own and other people's good intentions, be it employees, leaders, peers, friends, family members? Wouldn't we create an enormous amount of good vibes like this? Vibes that could be translated into outcome?

Close your eyes and imagine a surrounding where you’d feel absolutely happy to infuse your daily acts with fantasy and motivation - daily acts like conversations, jobs, meetings, lectures, writing, cooking and so on. What would you need to adapt the thinking and adopt the mindset? Would others notice the change in your attitude? And if so, how?

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