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TalkShop Africa™

TalkShop Africa™ was initiated back in 2012-2013 and financed by crowd-funding. The initiative supported ambitious young people in Tanzania who wanted to improve their communication skills and build small businesses.

TalkShop Africa™

  • TalkShop Africa was implemented in 2013 and supported young Africans who pursued ambitious start-up plans despite their difficult economic situation. Leah , based in Daressalam, wanted to work as a journalist. For this, she needed to improve her English skills. Erick, at that time a business student, ran an internet café in Kilosa. His plan was to support rural youth in improving their living standards. Rehemaa rice seller, was about to open a copyshop and needed to improve her English writing skills. Amani planned to further develop his translation and English coaching services for Africans.

  • TalkShop Africa™ participants acquired English skills, cross-cultural competence, and practical business know-how they needed to implement their future business plans. At the same time, they became part of a broad network of practitioners (community of practice) where they could exchange their ideas and experiences and gain new insights.

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