Representing Stakeholder Interests in Second Language

Shop stewards represent employees’ interests and have to navitage delicate and complex issues across cultural and language barriers in their second language (English). They often have to negotiate under pressure, which can be tough in your second language. We trained them to build confidence in their second language.

Representing Stakeholder Interests in Second Language

  • Our client wanted to offer shop stewards from different professional and organizational backgrounds the opportunity to attend a four day seminar to brush up their overall communication skills with a focus on word choice, tone of voice, meeting language, and negotiation tactics. The shop stewards should get the opportunity to brush up their language skills and develop an effective communicative behavior in their second language.

    Our Solution
    A customized mix of learning activities with a focus on role play proved to be an excellent way for shop stewards to act out, reflect and reshape their communicaton behavior. They were presented engaging real life scenarios and could explore and experience the positive and negative impact of their communicaton behavior in a safe setting. Customized peer feedback and a detailed video analysis enriched this experiential learning experience.

    Benefits for Learners
    The shop stewards could feel safe while acting out different roles in customized role play situations. Customized explorative learning activities helped them identify their individual personal strengths and resources and build confidence in their second language. What is more, they could immediately translate their learning to their daily job-related challenges.

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