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One-on-One Coaching for Board Member

Communicating authentically and effectively in a foreign language is not easy. Many of us lack confidence, search for the right words in the right moment, and struggle with fears and emotions that prevent us from unlocking our full communication potential. This one-on-one communications coaching was tailored to the needs of a board member of a big international organisation.

One-on-One Coaching for Board Member

  • Client Challenge
    A board member of a big organisation needed to work increasingly internationally as more and more projects involved partners from other European countries. This client had not used her English since graduation from college. Accordingly, she felt very insecure when she had to give speeches and presentations in English. She needed to master confidence and improve her language and communication skills.

    Our Solution
    We developed a personal training schedule. Our client got one-on-one coachings and also participated in meetings where she interacted with other people. In the personalised units we looked at her particular language issues and focused on her strengths and resources. She prepared short presentations and chose topics she had to deal with in her job. Thanks to her high motivation, she brushed up her English skills fast and started to feel more at home in the foreign language. In the group sessions, where we use a specifically designed methodology mix to develop confidence and identify personal strenghts, she had the opportunity to  interact with others.

    Benefits for the Learner
    The individual coaching helped this manager to get over her fears fast, and to build confidence and work on her English in a focused way. Participating in the group meetings made her feel stronger and empowered her to speak in front of others and learn from mistakes. The positive learning environment made her feel safe. Like this, she could raise above her fears, see, reflect and reshape her communication behaviour in an efficient and effective way.

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