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Micro-Blogging Project

Our client has a demanding job and wanted to improve his writing skills in a dynamic and efficient way. We combined the writing skills training with his love for sports and encouraged him to train his writing muscle. Practising your writing skills is like fitness training and asks for discipline. At the end of the day, it's all about an effective training plan and motivation.

Micro-Blogging Project

  • Client Challenge: Our client is a top manager in the IT industry. He wanted to train his writing muscle - fast, effectively and online.

    Our Solution: We encouraged our client to start a blog about his sports activities. He contributed weekly blog posts on his fitness progress. To do so, he used our online writing service Basecamp. Like this, he could keep track of his physical progress as well as his writing progress.

    Benefits for Our Client: Writing weekly blog posts in English gave him regular writing practice during the period of one year. He received tailored language feedback and developed more fluency, stopped making "typical" mistakes after a while, and immediately saw the result of his effort on his blog.

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    Contact: Christina Merl

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