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Community of Practice: TalkShop/2CG®

TalkShop/2CG® is a community of practice whose members want to improve their language skills, have meaningful conversations, change perspective, get inspirational input and connect across cultures and disciplines. The format aims at open-minded, curious people who have a strong interest in global developments, business, culture, art, literature, music, and aesthetics. We share our experiences and knowledge while building communication skills and other 21st century skills. Meetings are held in English and are moderated by Christina Merl. 

Community of Practice: TalkShop/2CG®

  • Your Goals: You want to improve your 21st century skills with a focus on language and communication skills, meet exciting people of different cultural and professional background; you want to explore new ways of thinking and doing; and you want to be surprised and feel energised.

    Our Teaching Approach: We provide you with contemporary topics, creative and artistic impulses and invite you to spend time thinking about your best qualities, traits and idiosyncrasies as well as to stretch your creative and communicative muscle.

    Our Focus: We make you dive deep! Expect the unexpected, enjoy and benefit from our sessions!

  • Please contact Christina Merl -  

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