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Co-creation Workshops

In these f2f or virtual inhouse workshops, we support modern-day leaders, politicians and teachers who want to empower and enable their people to co-create future narratives where peripheral players are given a voice. With the 2CG® multi-method approach, we provide workshop participants with the inspiration they need to come up with new and innovative ideas and solutions. Participants can practice 21st century skills in a safe space, including creativity and imagination, critical thinking, collaborative team skills, connected thinking, empathy, communication and language skills. 


Target Group: We address leaders and their teams, politicians, teachers and their students to explore new avenues of thinking and doing. 


Poetry in Business Premiere Event was staged back in 2019. In this pre-pandemic workshop, we invited leaders across disciplines and cultures to use their imagination and re-think the future of work. 


For further information, please contact Dr. Christina Merl

Co-creation Workshops

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