Brand Yourself, Activate Your Story!

This workshop format applies our 2CG® methodology mix and targets visionary, curious and thoughtful non-native speakers of English who want to improve their 21st century skills with a focus on language skills, empathy, critical thinking skills, creativity and connected thinking skills.

Brand Yourself, Activate Your Story!

  • Your Learning Goals: You want to express yourself and feel at home in your second language. That's ambitious and we'll make it fun!

    Our Teaching Approach: With us, you’ll explore different layers of your identity, define new ways of being, and engage in good conversations with exciting people.

    Our Focus: We believe that a strong identity and a joyful way of being can make a difference. Our profile is warm, genuine and positive, and we like to cultivate the space for your narratives of desire.

  • For more information and to register, please contact Christina Merl

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