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Advent Calendar App

An ambitious community of 20 leaders and visionaries across organisations and countries participated in the Poetry in Business Advent Calendar 2018. During 24 days, they received small creative impulses and assignments via app. This project was technically supported by Creapolis Media, Amsterdam. 

Advent Calendar App

  • The Challenge: The goal of this project was to provide playful and effective 21st century skills training with a focus on communication skills, creativity, associative thinking and empathy. The target group were leaders and managers in the corporate and public sector.

    The Solution: We provided the target group with micro content that was sent via app during 24 days. Participants had to complete mini assignments, results were shared on a specifically created blog. 

    Benefits: The fun (and rewarding) part of this training was sharing the different perspectives and ideas. Participants loved their daily challenges and enjoyed coming up with new ideas.

    Please contact Christina Merl. 

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