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New Leadership Style

I met a caring, gentle, sophisticated leader the other day. He impressed me with his listening skills, subtleness and sense of direction. What is more, he considered himself a learner. These kind of people give me hope.

In the human world, we often refer to alpha males – and alpha companies - as gorillas. We tend to equate their physical strength, size and (market) power with prestige and leadership qualities. In the animal kingdom, gorilla dominance and eccentricities are displayed as a worthless show. Badly-behaved gorillas are excluded, even attacked, by their mates.

Reason enough to explore the caring, subtle and sociable side of self. With our unique combination of qigong bodywork and the metaphorical power of poetry, we will explore our strong and powerful facets by displaying gentleness and developing empathy.

Interested? Join us online on 15 March, 19.00-21.00

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