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Magic Moments: Advent Calendar 2022

Your December is another busiest time of year, filled with commitments? The Poetry in Business Advent Calendar invites you to slow down for a moment every day. So that you can create your space for personal inspiration from 1-24 December.

Do you remember your childhood Advent Calendars - probably delicious chocolate calendars with picture stories? The Advent Calendar I still remember best was when my mom prepared a personal surprise for me every single day from 1-24 December. Her personalised gifts were mostly experiences, such as reading a story to me, taking me to a special place, or serving me my favourite treat for breakfast. Somehow, these creative sparks fill me with joy and warmth to this day.

The Poetry in Business Advent Calendar aims at providing you with a similar joy and warmth, as well as with excitement and new insights, from 1-24 December. The one-of-a-kind digital advent experience is rooted in the tradition of magical storytelling that has always inspired adults and children. It addresses people across hierarchies, professional and ethnic backgrounds, who are looking for inspiration and food for thought.

Like every year, I have invited a special guest to join us. This time, sketch artist Klaus Kramer, whose colourful drawings and subtle rhymes have fascinated me already for a while, is going to translate our thoughts and ideas into drawings. The result will be a graphic novel - participants can contribute online.

The Poetry in Business Advent Calendar is meant for people who enjoy the little things, who are interested in philosophical impulses, and who like to dig deeper.


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