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21st Century Skills - A Workshop for Teachers

How can we promote critical thinking in the classroom? How can we guide our students in finding their own voice? And how can poetry and theatre help us train 21st century skills?

If you are a school teacher, headmaster or head of department and if these questions keep you busy, our hands-on workshop may be the right choice for you. In this 2-day teacher-training seminar, we'll be looking at how we can step away from being the one in charge of interaction in the classroom and act as facilitator or coach. Together, we'll explore how the award-winning 2CG® multi-method teaching approach can help you encourage your students to develop 21st century skills, such as effective communication skills, empathy and reflective skills, in the framework of your English language class.

Workshop Title:

Acquiring 21st Century Skills through Improv Games, Creativity and Storytelling Techniques

Workshop Focus:

- experimenting with new trends in language teaching;

- providing fresh ideas for material development;

- providing practical, engaging and rewarding learning experiences;

- providing techniques to inspire critical thinking;

- identifying strategies relevant to their own teaching context;

- supporting teachers in motivating their students and in developing students´ self-esteem;

- using elements of impro-theatre and storytelling to raise students´ and teachers´ motivation;

- using texts and poetry for boosting creativity and communication skills;

- finding the balance between planning and improvising in the classroom;

- guiding students in defining their learning goals and learning journey.

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Workshop Dates: 7-8 April 2022

Location: Faaker See, Carinthia

Registration deadline: 1 November 2021



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