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Find of the Day

Today, I have come across Jonathan Nalder’s FutureWe Framework and I am absolutely thrilled!

“If we could build a new framework to show how learners and leaders can thrive in the future, what would it look like?”, they ask and offer 5 ‘big picture’ literacies: creativity, community, thinking/planning, project delivery, and storytelling.

Meanwhile in Vienna ...

TalkShop’s 2CG® methodology supports learning workers - from leaders to the shopfloor - in developing 21st century skills while improving their professional practice. The focus is on effective communication behaviour (in a second language), creativity skills, critical thinking skills and collaboration skills. Our toolbox contains various theatre techniques, especially puppetry, poetry, impro and future stories, which we apply within communities of practice (CoP). Creating learning environments of mutual respect and trust is very important to us as it helps empower 21st century learners to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences openly.

Future Story

I really enjoy inspiring people inside organisations so that they get fresh impulses and new ideas. And I like doing that in cooperation with pioneers and visionary leaders, inspiring facilitators, communication experts and artists. Which brings me to my next point: How could our efforts in Vienna and western Europe contribute to the 'bigger picture' as envisioned by the WeFramework approach? I would like to start writing this 'future story' today ...

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