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It's about learning. And taking action.

I am happy. Let me tell you why.

Most organisations still stick to traditional educational models with their “one-size-fits-all” approach where HR experts work out career development and training programmes, employees study these programmes, choose a seminar they’d like to attend, ask their superior for permission, attend, and go back to work.

If you talk to smart employees, however, they will tell you that they visit seminars simply because they see a chance to meet like-minded people with whom they can connect and exchange the really relevant stuff in the coffee breaks.

There we go!

What employees need are CoP-based educational programmes that encourage them to take ownerhsip of their learning. A CoP provides a trustworthy learning environment where members can share their problems openly, discuss possible solutions, and tell whether or not their strategies worked out in practice (see my post on double loop learning). This context-based approach towards learning asks for a change in attitude in learners AND HR professionals. It asks for visionary thinking, courage, and doing.

What makes me happy today is that I can see the change in attitude in 'my' learners as a result of constant CoP nurturing and facilitation. They show commitment and passion. They do not study the official training programme anymore but simply want to know when the next CoP meeting is scheduled.

I would call that a success.

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