Training & Teaching 

  • Workshops, seminars, lectures with a focus on 21st century skills (in English or German)

    • Effective communication behaviour and English as a second language

    • Critical thinking skills

    • Creativity & imagination

    • Empathy & collaborative team skills


Research & Development 

  • Qualitative Research

    • Curriculum development (based on social learning in communities of practice)

    • 21st century skills teaching approach (including customised creativity techniques and artistic impulses)

    • Co-writing & co-creation (based on sharing and collaborating in communities of practice)

    • Cross-functional peer learning and organisational change initiatives driven by communities of practice 

    • Lab 21 - innovation and ideation with creativity techniques and artistic impulses


Consulting Services 

  • Launching and nurturing communities of practice and cross-functional learning teams

  • Lab 21 - providing inspiration with customised creativity techniques and artistic impulses

  • Planning, developing and guiding ideation, action and implementation plans

Writing, Editing, Translations 

  • Journalist background

    • Customised content

    • Magazines, booklets, brochures, presentations, webites

    • Writing skills training with the 4C-method and Basecamp4Success


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